Where to start when redesigning your fitted bedroom Stoke

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Are you bored of your current bedroom situation? Is it time for a refresh but you don’t know where to start? Well this is where we come in to help! Our fitted bedroom showroom Stoke and the rest of our showrooms based in England are full to the rafters with a range of different bedroom displays, including free standing furniture as well as sliding door wardrobes. So if you need some help redesigning, you’re in the right place!


Redesigning your Fitted Bedroom

You need to start of with thinking about everything that you want your dream fitted bedroom to have. Now when we say this, we mean think realistically. Think about what you could achieve in the bedroom space that you have.

Once you know what you’d like your bedroom to look like, you can start to work with our designers to bring that dream to life. There will be some issues that occur during the final design process but by working together we’re sure that our designers can find their way around any problems that might occur.

When it comes to the layout of your fitted bedroom, think about how much storage you’ll need. Do you have more items to hang up then fold? Or are you a shoe addict and you need a way to store them? These are all important decisions that you need to think about and talk to your bedroom planner about.

Finally, don’t forget to add a touch of your personality to the room! After all, it’s going to be you who spends the most time in it, so you need it to reflect that!

Starplan fitted bedroom Stoke

Why not get in touch with one of our showroom to see what our expert bedroom designers could create for you and your home? We have four stores across England, click here to find your local store.