Are you looking for Shaker style fitted bedroom furniture?

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With clean lines, functionality and no frills design, Shaker style fitted bedroom furniture remains one of the most popular choices available today. The Shaker style comes from the teachings of a religious sect that thrived in America in the 18th century.

This style was first built for the Shakers use only, each piece was meant to show their faith to God and to show their practicality, simplicity and honesty. They were created in order to carry out a function and provide durability. They avoided any type of over the top decoration or ornaments as they believed it to be over proud.

What are the key characteristics of Shaker fitted bedroom furniture?

The outcome of the Shakers’ commitment to practicality was an elegant look built on solid foundations and characteristics including –

  • Natural wood
    They built their furniture using wood harvested from the land around them. Common wood choices included maple, pine and cherry, depending on what was around them.
  • Tapering
    Shaker furniture commonly featured tapered legs with either very simple feet or no feet at all. This made the pieces lighter and easier to move or store.
  • Wooden handles
    The Shakers viewed metal handles as too showy for their furniture. The handles they used came from the same material as the piece itself as not to draw too much attention.
  • Graduated drawers
    Shaker chests of drawers and side tables featured graduated drawers. The largest drawer placed at the bottom to prevent furniture toppling over.

Starplan Fitted Bedroom Furniture

Shaker style furniture remains incredibly popular throughout bedrooms and homes. The clean lines and minimalist touch brings a new and contemporary feel to any room. Our expert design team have years of experience behind them which allows them to work with you and create your dream Shaker style fitted bedroom. Click HERE to find your local Starplan showroom!