Are you struggling to stay cool in bed? Our guide on sleeping in summer

fitted bedrooms

Summer has been in full swing over the past few days and if, like us, you’ve been struggling to sleep because of the temperature and the humidity then hopefully this blog will be a life saver for you! Of course here at Starplan we deal with fitted bedrooms but of course sleeping is the main focus of the bedroom as a whole! So it makes sense for us to want to help you to sleep better and enjoy your bedroom to the fullest extent.

Fitted bedrooms

Keeping the airflow circulating in your room is a good way of trying to keep the temperature at a parable feel. Open as many windows and doors as possible, if you have an attic then it’s worth getting up there and opening the hatch as hot air rises. Keeping the blinds and curtains closed during the hottest part of the day will also help keep the room as cool as possible.

If that isn’t helping, you could go to another extreme of completely moving to a different room that is cooler than your fitted bedroom. A blow up bed might be your best investment this summer.

Maybe before taking that drastic step you could try dressing down your bed. Get rid of this thick, high tog duvets and blankets and opt in for natural materials with a low tog. Some of our staff members have been known to put bedding in the freezer (all covered of course) to get a right chill on! Another use for the fridge/freezer, other than the obvious, is to put your socks in there before putting them on. Cooling your feet is a great way to in turn cool the rest of your body.

And finally, it’s worth trying to keep a cool head. All that thrashing about being hot isn’t going to do anything except make you feel hotter! Wind yourself down for bed with a cool shower to lower your core body temp and wear light, airy cotton night wear as that kind of material will absorb any sweat throughout the night.