Sliding Wardrobes make bedrooms look bigger and brighter

Out with the old and in with the new: Sliding Wardrobes have definitely replaced hinged door wardrobes in modern bedrooms. Being popular in both fitted and freestanding bedrooms, Sliding Wardrobes are the complete package for wardrobes. Not to mention how seamlessly they fit into modern decors, making bedrooms look bigger and brighter.

Sliding Robes aren’t just limited to bedrooms; these can fit perfectly into corridors, dining rooms, living rooms and more. You would think that with such luxury designs, sliding wardrobes wouldn’t have the same space for storage. However, you will be glad to know that it is quite the opposite, excelling in both departments.

Starplan Direct are one of England’s most reliable fitted bedroom designers, including sliding wardrobe suppliers. Having many different bedroom and slide robe designs, you have an incomparable range to choose from. The Starplan Spring Sale is still on, so get a bargain whilst you still can!

The Benefits of having a Sliding Wardrobe in your Bedroom

Starplan Fitted Wardrobes are more than just a trend to jump on, but instead are the complete Wardrobe for bedrooms. Whilst boasting a modern design, this contemporary style will be timeless in your bedroom. The freedom of choosing colour and design will ensure that this wardrobe will stand the test of time.

The minimalism in design allows for much more storage and space within your room. You will definitely have more space to move around without those bulky hinged doors. And, on top of this, the different compartments within the slide robes make sure everything has a home.

Sliding Robes are perfect for organisation, not just for the contents of the wardrobe but for the room too. Being available freestanding and fitted means that they can be slotted in perfectly into a pre-existing interior. Starplan Fitted Wardrobes are definitely worth looking into!

How to Design a Bedroom using Slide Robes

Slide Robes are much easier to fit into a Bedroom, compared to your traditional wardrobe. Hinged Wardrobes require a room to be designed with them in mind. Whereas Sliding Wardrobes give you peace of mind. Start as simple as measuring the available space and product dimensions, to begin the process.

Freestanding Slide Robes will give you the illusion of more space, as you don’t have to worry about hinged doors. Thus, you just need to make sure that you are making the most of this space.

Fitted Wardrobes are an excellent way of making use of closets and storage rooms, transforming your bedroom. Starplan Fitted Wardrobes aim to put as much storage into a space as possible to modernise your bedrooms. Thankfully with fitted models, we are able to work within any means.

Starplan Fitted Sliding Wardrobes

To update your outdated bedroom, get in touch with the Starplan Direct team. Supplying everything from sliding wardrobes to overhauling fitted bedrooms, our team of bedroom fitters work across England so you can get the most out of your bedroom.

For any enquiries or questions about Starplan Fitted Wardrobes or anything else bedroom-related, contact our team. Our bedroom design team has had years of training for the best results possible on your new room. Get in touch by clicking here.