Short of space in your fitted kitchen?

fitted kitchens showroom

It doesn’t matter how much floor space you have in your kitchen, as long as you know how to utilize it all! In our fitted kitchens showroom, we have a range of different sized and styles of kitchens. This means that we can show you what your kitchen could look like, no matter what the size. This week’s blog is all about making the most out of your kitchen, making them practical as well as stylish!

  • Increase storage space by stacking containers – If you have any spare space on a windowsill, ledge or shelf then maximise that by stacking your containers on there. You could even use baskets etc to be used to store bottles, packets, and little bits like that.


  • Try to move the washing machine – This appliance is one of the most cumbersome of all kitchen appliances. Why not find somewhere else to store it, like a small cupboard under the stairs? Or if you’ve got a separate washer and dryer why not try stacking them to save that little extra bit of space


  • Get rid of the clutter – Be strict with yourself and get rid of things you don’t need or never use any more. You don’t have to throw them in the bed, you could always donate them to your local charity shop. This is useful for your worktops as well. Having a lot of things littered about can really make a room look smaller than it needs too. Why not invest in some clever storage solutions like magnetic knife strips, rails to hang utensils on, spice racks etc.

Fitted kitchens storage ideas

Our expert designers stay up to date when it comes to what’s trending in the land of fitted kitchens. They know all about those little ways of helping to increase space and make the room feel like yours. So why not come down to your local showroom and see what we can create for you?