Starplan fitted bedrooms – why they’re such a good idea

Fitted bedrooms

Here at Starplan bedroom furniture, we specialise in fitted bedrooms. However, the difference between these and free-standing furniture can sometimes be confusing. We offer free design visits to create your bespoke fitted bedrooms. Our friendly and efficient team at Starplan will also be able to help with what kind of fitted furniture and style is right for you.

Starplan Fitted Bedrooms

Interior trends come and go and can be extremely temperamental. Fitted bedrooms have always stood the test of time though. Here at Starplan we have had a look at what makes them so popular and have put together a little list which may help if you’re thinking of investing in one, but are still undecided:

Style to suit. Whether you prefer a modern or more traditional style, with fitted bedrooms you can achieve both. With a range of materials, finishes and colours, the possibilities are endless. They really can cater to personal taste to bring out your character.
Floor to ceiling. Due to fitted bedrooms being floor to ceiling, they can be made to measure and fit any size room. This is particularly beneficial if you have an awkward or small space.
Easy cleaning. Due to the very nature of a fitted bedroom, there are no gaps in the furniture, making for a much easier to clean wardrobe.
Maximise space. Whether it’s an empty corner or an alcove, fitted bedrooms are designed to make use of space you wouldn’t normally think about.
Storage. Fitted furniture is designed to provide the maximum amount of storage with a choice of clever interior storage solutions.

Fitted Bedroom Furniture 

We have Starplan showrooms based in Bolton, Warrington, Wednesbury and Stoke. Each one is full of a variety of fitted bedrooms, fitted bedroom furniture and bedroom accessories for you to browse. What’s more, we also offer a colour visualiser service, meaning you can really bring your ideas to life.