Stylish storage for small fitted bedrooms!

fitted bedroom

Bedrooms are your personal space, no matter how big or small the actual room itself might be. A smaller room can sometimes be written off as a box room or storage room, however with the use of fully fitted bedroom furniture, you can make the most out of the space available.

Fitted Bedrooms

When you’re running low on floor space, you need to take advantage of the wall space that you have. Shelves can be used for decorative storage or they can be placed higher up for more creative storage solutions.

Another way to save on floor space is with either over bed or under bed storage. We tend to leave the area around the bed as dead space however, every section counts when the room is smaller than you’d like it to be.

If you’re thinking about a colour scheme, remember that light helps to create an illusion of space. So one simple way to make your room feel bigger is by painting it bright, neutral tones like white. Mirrors are also a brilliant way to get as much light into the room as possible.

Talking about light, if you have a large window area that seems out of proportion, have you ever thought of adding in a a window bench seat? This is another extra source of storage as well as adding a focal seating point into your fitted bedroom.

Other options

Of course if you think that the room really is too small to be a fitted bedroom, you have a range of options like a walk in wardrobe. This one is really simple, it can be completely customised to you. So if you have an extensive she collection you can tailor the storage to that. Or why not transform the room into something the whole family can use? What about a mini cinema room? All you need it some blackout blinds, a projector and some comfy seating!

Starplan Fitted Bedrooms

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