Creating a summer ready fitted bedroom

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Summer brings lots of sun shine, light evenings and just good times. But another thing that it brings that people aren’t so keen on, is sweaty and uncomfortable, sleepless nights. If you’re one of those people that end up tossing, turning and throwing your duvet off the bed in the middle of the night, then this is the blog for you!

Summer fitted bedroom changes

Duvets come in a range of different thicknesses which are measured in tog. If you find yourself uncomfortably warm at night, then you might find it beneficial to buy a new duvet with a lower tog than your current one. Summer duvets tend to weight between 2.5 to 7 togs, whereas your winter blanket goes up to around 15 togs.

When it comes to your duvet and bedding sets, look for natural fibres such as pure cotton, linen, silk or even hemp. They tend to be more breathable and don’t cling to your body as much as some man made fibres do. However, there has been an increase in production of bedding with inbuilt cooling technology which claim to help you sleep better in the warm nights.

Pillows can also have an effect on how well you’re sleeping. Pure cotton or even pillows stuffed with down feathers can help the air circulate through the material.

And finally, make sure sure that you don’t have any excess light coming into your  fitted bedroom either in those light, late nights or bright early mornings. You could invest in some black out blind or curtains to ensure that no light can creep in and wake up you prematurely. So not only will you be protecting your lie ins, you’ll also be helping keep the room cool by keeping the light out.

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