Top tips for tiny fitted kitchens

fitted kitchens

When it comes to your home and the square footage you get, sometimes there isn’t much you can do to increase it. Some homes just don’t have the capacity or budget for an external extension, so what can you do? Well you just have to make the most out of the space that you have available, even in tiny fitted kitchens.

Here at Starplan Fitted Kitchen Showrooms, we have spent years helping our customers create their dream fitted kitchen, no matter how big or small their space may be.

Tiny Fitted Kitchens Tips

  • Use all the space available

That includes any dead wall space and corner space that you might not currently be using.  Making some small changes such as a wall installed knife rack or spice rack. This way you’re saving valuable space in the cupboard which can be used to store other items. You can add stick on hooks to the insides of your cupboard doors which means you can hang stuff up and save some more space.

  • Choosing the right colour scheme

When you don’t have a huge amount of space, you don’t want to make it feel even smaller by using the wrong colour. Choosing bright, light and airy colours allows the natural light to bounce around the room and make it feel bigger. Using materials such as mirrors and glass also helps the natural light flow in and fill the room.

  • Be aware of your dimensions

It can be easy to try and cram as many things as possible into your kitchen, but you can end up with a room that’s over crowded and stuffed  up. That’s why it’s important to ask for the option or get help from kitchen designers such as the team from Starplan.

Fitted Kitchen Showrooms

Here at Starplan, we offer free, no obligation home design visits. That means our team will come out to your home, on a day and time that suits you. They’ll do all the hard work and talk you through all the different designs and finishes available to you.

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