Traditional fitted bedrooms – try our colour visualiser to see what’s best for you

Traditional fitted bedrooms

Here at Starplan, we have a whole range of traditional fitted bedrooms for you to choose from. What’s more, our colour visualiser can help you see just how your room will look before it’s even created!

Traditional fitted bedrooms

With a new season and some beautiful weather currently, it might be now that you decide you want your bedroom colour scheme to match. When you hear the word ‘traditional,’ you often get images of floral, old-fashioned patterns from times gone by. This simply isn’t the case anymore. Traditional fitted bedrooms just mean they’re not simple, but they’re still able to keep on trend.

Soft blue. Pastel colours are the ideal choice for any bedroom as they’re calming. However, soft blue is a particular favourite because it is soothing and gives a breath of fresh summer air when you walk into your traditional fitted bedrooms!

Lemon. This colour is one you can really incorporate into traditional fitted bedrooms. Try having a lemon feature wall and lemon accessories for a bright, airy room.

Jade green. Green can be a particularly peaceful colour in traditional fitted bedrooms, but jade green can really make you feel as though you’re somewhere exotic.

Marigold. This bright colour can be a little overpowering if used all over, so again keep it as a feature wall. Do this and accessorise with white fixtures and fittings and you’ve got the perfect summery room!

Coral. This is probably the best colour for keeping fitted traditional bedrooms even more unique. It can feel quite bohemian, especially if you add textiles, patterns and wood accents.

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