Turning a Bedroom into a Home Office

Home Office

Over the past few years, the way we work as a nation has begun to shift. With more people working from home these days, the need for a home office has become more common.

Starplan is a family run business that opened in 1972 and was determined to offer top quality fitted bedrooms, bedroom furniture and beds at excellent value prices, with the best possible service.

Starplan is still operating, with over 40 years in the business and now have a 150,000 square foot purpose-built factory. which includes, state-of-the-art European machinery and a workforce of over 150 people.

Want to Convert Your Bedroom into Home Office?

For many people, working from home has become the new normal. As months have gone by people are making changes to their homes, in order to accommodate their jobs. The best way to stay productive is to have a home office from which you can work.

Are You Struggling to carve out a workspace at home? Or are you using a spare bedroom which is unsuitable for an office? Do you want help on how to turn your spare bedroom into a functional workspace? Look no further, here at Starplan we supply bedroom furniture which could help you transform your spare bedroom into a home office.

Are There Bespoke Wardrobes Near Me?

Here at Starplan Northern Ireland, we have sliding wardrobes which are a clever storage solution for even the smallest bedroom. Our sliding wardrobes offer an extensive range of unique design options. We create every one of our slide robes to suit your specifications. To ensure your wardrobes are finished to your liking. Additionally, giving you that storage to hide away your office equipment or belongings.

Are You Looking for Bedroom Cabinet Ideas?

The nation is spending more time at home than ever before. Our space needs to feel like our sanctuary, a comfortable, clutter-free place to relax and unwind. However, you find that you are working from your dining table, surrounded by mountains of clutter with less space. That’s where Starplan bedrooms come in. To help you create a beautiful, organised bedroom with areas designed for work, storage and living.

Already Have Office Furniture in Northern Ireland?

We can also accommodate around office furniture you may already have, as we operate our very own professional fitting teams right here in Northern Ireland. We boast a wide selection of styles, sizes, and over 30 assorted colour options, so you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Of course, it’s not just fitted bedrooms we supply here at Starplan. We have free-standing wardrobes with fantastic package deals.

Want to maximize Your Space in Your Home Office?

Our new wall bed creates a more functional living space. Which is perfect for a guest room and an office. The bed smoothly folds away when not in use, hidden and stored vertically inside our wardrobes. Subsequently giving you the space to use the bedroom as a home office.

Furthermore, a king-size bookcase headboard with sliding doors will be perfect for a home office. The bookcase headboard gives the bed subtle styling for an understated bedroom look, and its drawers, shelves, and sliding door allow you to store and display everything you need for work.

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