The up and coming kitchen trends of 2019!

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So you know how the saying goes, New Year, new you, new kitchen! Or it’s something similar to that anyway isn’t it? For our first kitchen blog of the year, we’re going to talk about what we think will be the biggest kitchen trends of the year, and what you need to look out for and think about when it comes to creating your brand new fitted kitchen.

Concealed and clever storage solutions

Integration within the kitchen is becoming more and more popular, as it’s an easy way to help your kitchen flow. It’s the perfect way to increase your storage without anyone knowing! And who doesn’t need more storage space in their kitchen?

Metal hardware

We’re seeing more and more taps, door handles, pan etc in metals like brass, gunmetal and pewter. They’re not as specific as silver, or as harsh as black and they can add a nice depth and texture to your fixtures and fittings.

Vintage vibe

What goes around comes around, and that’s certainly true when it comes to fitted kitchen design. This vintage theme includes the use of natural stones, organic tiles and wrapped rattan furniture.

Use of wood/raw materials

More and more people are asking for their kitchen to include more raw and natural materials. We’ve seen a massive jump in people wanting leather or wood drawer handles and drawer pulls which we absolutely love in a rustic style kitchen.

Contrasting textures

And finally, we wanted to mention contrasting colours and textures. Tiles, paint and work tops are the best way to get across contrasting (not clashing) textures and colours in your fitted kitchen.

Starplan Fitted Kitchens

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