Update your Bedroom by simply adding Sliding Wardrobe Doors

Sliding Wardrobe Doors

Making the jump from your typical wardrobe doors to sliding doors is one of the most cost-effective bedroom updates available. This is because you don’t have to invest as big as you would into a fitted wardrobe or as risky as freestanding. So, sliding wardrobe doors are certainly the smartest investment to add that extra convenience.

In short, you are paying for functionality and all of the advantages which come with that. The most important one is the amount of space saved, inside and out. A streamlined door means additional storage and floor space, ideal for smaller bedrooms.

How to fit sliding wardrobe doors

Whether it’s an old or new wardrobe, fitting sliding doors have to be done by professionals. This is because sliding wardrobes change with the times and the designs have constant innovation. Allowing a professional to install means you are open to allowing future changes. Fortunately, Starplan Direct will be at your service with our highly-trained and experienced team.

Measurements will be the first thing you will be asked for from our team. This will allow us to plan out the necessary and specific sliding doors you will need. From here we will first remove the hinged doors from the wardrobe.

If the measurements are exact, the door should be very easy to install. Our team can simply fit the top track to the ceiling and the bottom track to the floor, it’s easy as that!

How to adjust sliding wardrobe doors

Sliding Door Wardrobe designs are very easy to adjust due to their streamlined design. This gives you a lot of options in the long term, for instance, you can change the doors or panels in years to come. Sliding Wardrobes can certainly be redesigned and changed over time, even if they are fitted.

This way you can change the doors if you would prefer them to open in a different direction. Or perhaps you want to extend the wardrobe upwards for most storage possible.

How to convert hinged wardrobe doors to sliding

Hinged Wardrobes and Freestanding Wardrobes can be converted, offering you the cheapest option. This way you can have the benefits which sliding doors bring with your existing robes. With all the different price points for sliding doors, Starplan gives you the selection of 1 – 5 panel doors installation.

When it comes to converting to a sliding wardrobe, the most effective way is redesigning. By extending your wardrobe up to the ceiling you will be able to maximise storage space. This is certainly advised with fitted wardrobes if they aren’t already.

At this point, after extending the robe and removing the doors it’s the exact same straightforward process. Out with the old and in with the new!

New Bedrooms at Starplan

Not only do we provide these excellent sliding wardrobes, Starplan provides new fitted bedrooms too. This is the most popular means of upgrading an old bedroom, futureproofing, and overhauling it.

Best of all with Starplan you are guaranteed the most reasonable deal, this applies across the country. So if you want to begin your bedroom project today, get in touch! The Starplan team is always here for enquiries and any creative support you may need.