Fitted kitchen design – which style suits you?

Fitted Kitchen Furniture

You can’t deny that kitchens take a right battering during the festive period. And you won’t be alone if you think your kitchen could now do with a new look. So what better time to do it than during our Wonderful Winter Sale!

Fitted Kitchen

If you’re thinking of a complete kitchen overhaul, then why not use our online kitchen visualiser! We have two, a modern style kitchen that can be customised and also a traditional style kitchen. But if you’re struggling to decide what style of kitchen would work for you, then hopefully this blog will help you decide.

A perfect example of a traditional-style kitchen is what you would see on shows such as Downton Abbey. Everything is based on wooden fixtures and fittings, with lots of emphasis on storage space. The color schemes are very light, with the whole kitchen having a more timeless look, benefiting from the years of experience behind this style.

Modern kitchens, however, are at the complete other end of the spectrum of kitchen designs. They are made to look as striking as possible! This is done through the use of bright coloured finishes, block shapes, and sharp straight lines. Another key feature when it comes to modern kitchens is smart appliances. Modern-style kitchens are perfect for sleek appliances! The handle-less kitchen look encapsulates everything that a modern kitchen is about.


If this has given you some home/kitchen inspiration, then why not speak to one of our team and let them help you design your ideal fitted kitchen. Whether you prefer traditional over modern, or you’re more into your kitchen gadgets than wooden cabinets, we will be able to create your dream kitchen. Not to mention we also have half price off selected cabinets, with an extra £500 off selected lines. So what are you waiting for?!