Kitchen Planning and what the best-fitted Kitchens include!

As a kitchen manufacturer and kitchen installer across Northern Ireland, you can rely on Starplan kitchen planning specialists to design a new kitchen with top-grade appliances. So, if you need guidance with your fitted kitchen choices our article will briefly touch upon everything a modern fitted kitchens need in 2022.

So, if you think your kitchen needs upgrading, whether its appearance or functionality? What do the best-fitted kitchens include?

Kitchen Planning your doors & cabinets

Let’s start as basic as Kitchen Doors, as these are what you and guests will be seeing before even entering. Most commonly the first things you will notice in a kitchen are the kitchen doors, especially in a fitted kitchen. Kitchen doors should set the tone and style for the rest of the kitchen. So, getting the colour, style, and material of your new kitchen doors is key to achieving the right look. 

Whilst there is a big emphasis on appearance, the priority will always be storage. A professionally designed kitchen plan will always maximise kitchen storage on the inside, whilst looking immaculate on the outside. All with the aim of creating a functional kitchen that has space for everything you will need.

Worktops & Work Surfaces

Worktops are a hardworking part of any kitchen, they provide space for everything from meal preparation to storing everyday items so they are within easy reach. Also known as countertops you will have a wide choice of colours and finishes that you can mix or match styles with other features in your kitchen planning.

With an array of different worktop materials and designs, cleverly planned worktops are a great way to get a unique look.

Kitchen Cabinet Fittings

Alongside, your standard kitchen cabinets and doors you may want to add some kitchen fittings that not only add style but also help to keep it looking as good as the day it was installed.

So, why not add a professional finish by using such items as decorative trims, corner protectors, plinths, profiles, and wine racks. As these will protect cupboard corners from knocks and scrapes and accentuate clean, crisp lines that draw the eye around the room,

With a broad selection of practical kitchen accessories, these finishing touches can also be used to give an existing kitchen a quick refresh to keep it looking on-trend or newer for longer.

Kitchen Sinks & Taps

We understand how infuriating it can be getting different companies to do different parts of kitchen fitting. Fortunately for you, Starplan can cover all kitchen fittings and appliances plus kitchen sinks, and taps.

Choose a kitchen sink and taps that will enhance the interior layout and style and can be a focal point. Alongside, is an essential functional feature for washing up and food preparation.

Kitchen Appliances

Modern kitchen appliances can make all the difference when it comes to the smooth running of a household. And, it’s always a benefit to have your appliance fitted by a professional.

So, whether it’s cooking, refrigeration, or dishwashers Starplan NI can supply and professionally install all the appliances you will need.

Kitchen Planning and Advice from Starplan

Elegance Kitchens by Starplan are designed and manufactured by us to suit every budget and style.

Call into your local fitted kitchens showroom where we have a range of kitchens on display and have a chat with one of our design consultants.

Or, you can book a free kitchen consultation by simply phoning your nearest store,

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