Banish the bugs out of your fitted kitchen this summer

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There’s no doubt that you are as sick as us when it comes to flies and such this summer. Not only is the constant buzzing incredibly annoying, they can actually be quite unhygienic if they start landing in your fitted kitchen. The reason that they tend to find their way into your home, and most specifically your kitchen is that it’s able to provide them with everything they need, food, shelter and water.

However, there are a few tips that you could bring into your home in order to reduce the amount of bugs and pests that enter your home.

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When it comes to flies, it can sometimes feel near to impossible to keep flies out of your house. But aside from the use of chemical fly and pest killer, you could try installing fly screens over any doors that are frequently used or even external fly traps.

There are three small changes that can massively help when to comes to reducing the amount of flies coming into your shiny fitted kitchen.

  • Cleanliness

Keeping your kitchen as clean as possible means there will be nothing to attract the flies into your home. They can smell out the smallest amount of food which can bring them in.

  • Bins

Similar to the point above, that typical bin smell is heavenly to flies and small pests. By making sure that your bins are emptied regularly, you can get rid of amount of flies coming into your kitchen.

  • Food

Again, we’re talking about food! Make sure that you have no food lying around uncovered. That includes food that you’ve just cooked and even food on dirty plates. If you don’t want to wash them straight away, just try and rinse off as much food as possible before leaving them in the sink.

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