Considering a new fitted kitchen this winter?

fitted kitchens showroom

If you are looking into a new fitted kitchen, ensure you come to Starplan for our fitted kitchens showroom. We have stores all over Northern Ireland ready to give inspiration to your new fitted kitchen this winter! The kitchens you see at our showrooms are very modern and have innovative designs perfect for ideas for you!

Fitted Kitchens Showroom Northern Ireland

At Starplan we offer a full fitted kitchen service in which we design your kitchen and follow the project all the way through to creating the final touches to your finished product. Our showrooms contain only the most stylish and affordable designs. Which means you can think about putting them into your own kitchen. Our staff are kept up to date in the latest kitchen trends, so asking our on-site staff any questions is welcomed and will be answered in the best detail. Moreover, a new kitchen is one of the most impactful renovation that you can do on your home.

Benefits of getting yourself a new fitted kitchen include:

  • More space to store all your appliances and cooking equipment which is always helpful; because you won’t have to move everything to get to the thing you want.
  • Another advantage of a fitted kitchen renovation is that the appliances come in the package. So, they will be more energy efficient and will last longer, saving you money in the long term.
  • Improved comfort is another advantage a new kitchen as you will have more space to move around in and work with.
  • There are many more advantages such as better looking and value etc…

Starplan showrooms this winter

In our various showrooms across Northern Island we will be open as normal in the wintertime. So, you can visit us and get ideas or start you new fitted kitchen journey with Starplan. If you are interested in Starplan and want to contact us feel free to call at 028 8772 5497. Or you can visit one of our NI showrooms at Dungannon, Bangor, Newtownabbey, Coleraine, Portadown and Belfast.