Fitted Kitchen Showrooms in Northern Ireland

Fitted Kitchen Showrooms Northern Ireland

Starplan have many Fitted Kitchen Showrooms in Northern Ireland, our showrooms being in Bangor, Belfast, Dungannon, Newtonabbey and Portadown.  Fitted Kitchens are always big investments, so you need to get it right in every department; starting with the company.

For Fitted Kitchens in Northern Ireland, Starplan is the business for you, with a team of fitted kitchen specialists. Having over 40 years experience manufacturing, supplying and installing kitchens, Starplan is the leading kitchen specialist in Northern Ireland.

Starting the planning process

Starplan welcome you to have a quick chat or long discussion about the future of your kitchen. This will consist of laying out a blueprint of ideas, specialist advice and ultimately exploring every aspect of your kitchen. Even if you are struggling for ideas, our design team can give inspiration and ideas to find your desired kitchen.

After this consultation, your kitchen designer will visit your kitchen, take measurements and get a general idea of your kitchen. From here your designer will edit images of your kitchen and give you an idea of what your new kitchen will look like.

Starplan Fitted Kitchen Showrooms

In our showrooms, our team can show you a range of different fitted kitchens to give you inspiration. These fitted kitchens are just a small sample size, but best show our talent.

We can help you through the whole process! Being able to plan, supply and install your new kitchen, especially your fitted kitchen – making sure it’s done properly.

There simply is nothing Starplan can’t do! From fitted kitchen furniture to flooring, our customers enjoy a huge array of different kitchen designs. Having varying colours, designs and quality, allows us to adapt to any budget or price range.

In total there 8 different colours to choose from, both light and dark shades for cabinets and furniture. These colours are able to adapt to traditional and contemporary settings alike, with the cabinets themselves also coming in many styles. The cabinets come with a 10-year guarantee too!

Worktops and surfaces can come in an array of materials and colours, Starplan having the finest range of both. Starplan have wood, stone, gloss and plenty of other types of kitchens, to help set the tone of your kitchen.

Our in-house team can help you find the appropriate kitchen appliances too, ovens, fridges, microwaves, blenders, whatever you need. The Starplan team know which products and brands are most reliable and will ensure that you are getting the best deals possible.

Contact Us

Here at Starplan, we understand the importance of aftercare and maintenance, so we offer thorough aftercare services. For any professional advice or repairs, our team are always available. Making sure that you’re getting the most out of Starplan kitchen.

As previously mentioned, Starplan boasts many fitted kitchen showrooms across Northern Ireland, there ready to improve your kitchen. All of our in-store teams have experience guiding our customers through the whole process – no matter the task.

Alternatively, feel free to call our Northern Ireland enquiries team at: 028 8772 5497 or the store specific number. Otherwise, click here, fill in the information and Starplan will get in touch as soon as possible!