Fitted Kitchens at the most affordable prices

Fitted Kitchens at the most affordable prices

Our many years supplying and installing fitted kitchen has allowed us to uncover the biggest obstacle for customers. This is the idea that luxury fitted kitchen designs are expensive and quality doesn’t come at affordable prices. We think both of these observations are simply untrue as spacious fitted kitchens are becoming more affordable than ever.

This shouldn’t be a surprise considering the innovation in the kitchen design market year on year. Here at Starplan Direct you will be blessed with a wide selection of interest-free kitchens. Browse all of the different styles, materials, and colours which can be used to make up your kitchen.

How about a kitchen, and family room blend?

With open-plan kitchens, it is becoming a popular trend to have the best of both worlds. This means having both fitted and free-standing furniture for kitchens, creating a more unique kitchen space. Additionally, this is a perfect way of blending elements of a dining room and living room into your kitchen.

A Domestic Kitchen without this isn’t a Luxury Kitchen, with the Island layout being able to open up a kitchen. This way freestanding kitchen furniture and appliances can certainly be placed along the edges of the room. As a standard kitchen layout would, your appliances can be a blend of both freestanding and integrated.

Are they really the most affordable prices?

To dispel this common kitchen myth, fitted kitchens aren’t hugely more expensive than your typical kitchen design. With the most modern fitted kitchen installation and design services, some companies will have you spending up to £25,000. For a kitchen this is quite frankly too much, so we offer a more flexible and reasonably priced service.

The process for a Starplan Kitchen is very thorough with no hidden costs trying to trip customers up. When it comes to creative freedom, you have all the options you could need and more with our fitted kitchen designs. By simply filling in the contact information, you could get your free kitchen consultation booked today.

Starplan Kitchens also have regular fitted kitchen sale opportunities for our customers, saving big on the same quality. This applies to appliances, new designs, and free-standing furniture for kitchens. In short, pricing isn’t better anywhere else in Northern Ireland!

Kitchens-Fitted by Starplan Northern Ireland

When it comes to kitchens fitted, Starplan is working on kitchens across Northern Ireland day in and day out. With an experienced team that has undergone years of training for the best kitchen design results. From start to finish, customers maintain full creative control as our team brings your vision to life.

Even if your budget isn’t huge, our kitchen finance deals may just be enough for your dream kitchen. Starplan Direct has a collection of interest-free kitchens, which won’t sacrifice any bit of quality for better pricing.

It really is easy to get your project underway; all you need to do is get in contact. The Starplan team is always on hand ready to help customers old and new. So to begin your new kitchen project, simply click here to contact our team.