Buying a fitted kitchen online

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Hands up if you’ve been online shopping more over the past year than you have ever done in your life? Us too! But that seems to be the new normal that we’re in. But there is a big difference in buying a brand new fitted kitchen online to buying a new pair of shoes. We’re here to reassure you that if you do want to upgrade your fitted kitchen, then we can help you buy your new fitted kitchen online.

Buying a new fitted kitchen online

Where do you start when looking for a new kitchen? Well no matter whether you’re looking to buy one online or in person, the best place to start is buy knowing what you want in this new kitchen. Do you want more storage space, stylish and sleek work tops? Or do you really want to push the boat out with a whole new kitchen island?

Once you know what you want, you can start looking at designs that you like and that fulfill those needs.

Our website has over 20 different fitted kitchen designs. Each of those designs can be completely personalised to your space. That includes changing the colour scheme, changing the finish of the cabinets. All the way down to the little details of choosing what door handles you would like and if you want soft closes on your cabinets.

Our fitted kitchen showrooms also offer a free, no obligation 3 step home design visit. In which our designers will be able to sort everything for you!

Fitted kitchens across Northern Ireland

If you are interested in starting your new kitchen journey with one of our team members then the perfect place to start is over on our website! Fill in our free design visit contact form and one of the team will be in touch! If you’d like to take a look at our fitted kitchen designs, please click here.