Creating a monochrome fitted kitchen

monochrome fitted kitchens showroom

Modern kitchens are the epitome of sleek, stylish and smooth. And what’s more stylish than the classic pairing of black and white?

Monochrome has been in fashion forever, it’s a pairing that will never fall out of favour, so it’s the perfect pairing to create a timeless kitchen.

The contrast between a stark bright white and deep dark black is an easy yet powerful way to add some spice into the kitchen.

You might think that having a monochrome fitted kitchen means lots of shine and gloss, but you’d be wrong. The simple colour scheme lends itself to a range of finishes. Of course gloss is the main one, but you could choose stained wood worktops or smooth graphite work surfaces.

Planning your kitchen with the help of our fitted kitchens showroom

So when it comes to creating a brand new monochrome kitchen, where do you start? The first think you need to think about it your budget. Once you’ve got your budget straight, you know what you’ve got to play with. Here at Starplan we have a range of kitchen designs and finishes for all budgets.

Space is another key factor in kitchen design. Are you a little bit short on space? If you are, we can put together some clever internal storage spaces. Or if you’ve got room to spare, why not think about adding in a kitchen island.

So you know your budget and you’ve worked out what you can fit in your kitchen. Now it’s time to get to the important part. The design!

Here at Starplan Fitted Kitchens Showroom, we have a huge range of kitchen displays set up to help give you some home inspiration. We have a range of kitchen showrooms across the whole of Northern Ireland. For more information on your local showroom, please click here.