How to choose the right sink material for your fitted kitchen

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So you’ve planned out your dream fitted kitchen, you know what finishes you want your cabinet doors to have and you know what material you want your worktops to be. But there’s one thing you might not have taken into account yet, and that’s your sink! Did you know there’s a range of different sink materials that you can choose from? You don’t just have to stick to stainless steel.

Here at Starplan Fitted Kitchens Showroom Portadown, we have a huge range of fitted kitchens on display and we know how much impact the right sink can make. Carry on reading to choose the right sink for your kitchen.

Choosing the right sink for your fitted kitchen

  • Stainless Steel

So this is the standard sink that most people have in their kitchens. It’s great value for money, very hygienic and hard wearing. The coating means there is no chance of rust and it can be easily cleaned. However, they come in a standard size and can get scratched by other objects.

  • Granite Composite

These sink styles are incredibly stylish and durable. Not to mention they’re impressively scratch resistant and don’t need chemical cleaners. But the main downside comes with the cost of a composite sink. They tend to be on the higher end of the scale, especially compared to stainless steel and ceramic. They’re also a lot heavier than other sinks which means they may need extra support.

  • Enamel/Porcelain

Enamel sinks are very popular thanks to their ease of care and durability. It can so come in a range of different colours to go with any kitchen colour scheme. One of the negatives with enamel or porcelain is that it’s a very soft material and can chip quite easily. The lighter coloured sinks can also take up other colours and become stained.

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These are just some of the different sinks that you can choose from. If you think it’s time to upgrade your current fitted kitchen, then why not head down to your local showroom? Or book in for a free, no obligation home consulation service.