Fitted kitchens showroom – How to make the most of a small kitchen space

Fitted kitchens showroom

Starplan fitted kitchens and bedrooms has more than 40 years of experience in the industry, meaning we’ve made ourselves a leading name across the sector. We boast 10 stores throughout England and Northern Ireland, so why not call in and see us? We have a fitted kitchens showroom located in 6 areas of Northern Ireland, showcasing some of our most exciting designs.

Fitted kitchens showroom

We have a fitted kitchens showroom in Portadown, Newtownabbey, Dungannon Coleraine, Bangor and Belfast. At each of these stores, we have a talented team of interior designers. They can help you with any design questions and queries you have, from colour schemes, to how to make the most of small spaces. If you’ve heard the phrase less is more, you’ll know that it is certainly true. It is also something to keep at the forefront when it comes to planning your new kitchen in a smaller space. Our talented and efficient staff can help with all of this at our fitted kitchens showroom!

If you’re looking at the room you’ve got in your kitchen and wondering how it will be functional, don’t worry; Starplan is here to help! There are many ways to utilise the space available to you, you just need to be clever with it. We have many options for you to choose from in each and every one of our fitted kitchen showrooms.

They say all the best parties end up in the kitchen, so make yours worth showing off!

Fitted kitchens from Starplan

Fitted furniture is often the best idea to make a small room seem larger. This is because it is flush to the walls, creating a feeling of added space. Just like in fitted bedrooms where you can use under bed storage to hide clutter, fitted kitchens come with all sorts of innovative space saving ideas. Use places you won’t need all the time to store things such as under the sink or a cupboard above the oven. This will make everything seem less chaotic, as well as creating even more space.