It’s time to get your fitted bedroom Autumn/ Winter ready!

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We’re nearing the end of September and hasn’t this year just flown by? Christmas has already started to appear left, right and centre and it’s starting to get darker earlier and earlier as the days go on. To be prepared for the colder nights, get your fitted bedroom Autumn/ Winter ready.

Around this time of year, people tend to spend more and more time in their own homes, staying warm and cosy. So we decided to write a blog and tell you all about our top tips to get your fitted bedrooms ready for those cosy nights in!

Starplan Fitted Bedrooms

The most important part of your bedroom is, of course, your bed! So why not start off with that? A new season means new sheets! So whether that means brand new sheets with an autumnal pattern or print, a new duvet with an increased tog or even if it just means getting a blanket out that you only use during the colder weather, we all know that there is nothing better than new bedding!

A key part of being cosy is through the use of blankets, pillows and different textures. Layering up your bedding is just what you need to keep you warm at night.

Now it’s not all just about bedding! Your lighting is important too. No one wants to wake up on a dark autumn morning and have to turn on the main light, blinding everyone in the room for a few seconds. So why not invest in some lamps and mood lighting, which will make it easier to adjust to the decreased amount of natural light in the room? Candles are also a really soothing way to add some natural light to the room. Scented ones are a bonus as well!


Fitted Bedroom Autumn and Winter

Finally, don’t forget to try and keep as much of the cold out as possible. Don’t forget about little things like draught excluders and making sure the windows are completely shut.

So we hope that this blog will help you keep your home and your bedroom as warm and as cosy as possible. However, if your bedroom isn’t somewhere you want to spend those long nights in, why don’t you come and visit your local Starplan showroom and let us create your perfect fitted bedroom?