How can Starplan bedroom furniture benefit you?

Bedroom Furniture

Updating your bedroom can seem like hard work. But with Starplan’s range of bedroom furniture that won’t be the case. From freestanding to fitted wardrobes, we have a variety of furniture that can add style, efficiency and fantastic storage options to your home.

If you’re struggling to make your mind up whether it’s time to invest in fitted bedroom furniture, or maybe you aren’t sure if freestanding wardrobes are still in style. We’re happy to help you make your mind up and offer some of our expertise.

Why choose Starplan fitted wardrobes

If you’re looking for the perfect way to optimise your bedroom space, fitted wardrobes are the solution for you. Starplan fitted wardrobes are tailored to fit the full height of the room, using less floor space but increasing the amount of storage thanks to the wardrobe interiors.

With fitted wardrobe interiors, even the tightest of places can be utilised, ensuring that no space is wasted. What’s more, the benefits of having fitted bedroom furniture don’t stop there.

Although having a well-planned and organised room is important, it is also critical that our bedrooms are aesthetically pleasing to us, as this is often the place we come to relax and unwind. As a result, we offer our fitted bedroom furniture and fitted wardrobes in a range of styles and finishes, ensuring there is something for everyone.

A fitted bedroom can transform a space making it feel bigger and better. And with all the design options available, you can customise your fitted wardrobes to suit your personality with great ease.

what are the benefits of sliding wardrobes?

For those searching for a more contemporary storage solution, sliding wardrobes will be right up your street! Just like we’ve aforementioned, fitted wardrobes are great. However, you can really ramp up the optimisation of space with this simple door solution. Due to the fact that the doors move side to side, more space is created in front of the wardrobe. Sliding wardrobes also allow you to situate them in places you hadn’t considered before due to the fact it wouldn’t be functional!

As well as this, your sliding wardrobe doors can be customised and styled to match your bedroom’s vibe. From Full mirrored doors to contemporary-coloured panels, the choice is yours.

Why freestanding wardrobes are still in style

Sometimes it feels like the world is moving away from freestanding furniture, however that isn’t the case. Freestanding wardrobes come with a plethora of benefits and are certainly not to be forgotten.

Firstly, they’re portable. Meaning you can rearrange your room or switch wardrobes whenever you like. Which for those who like to change it up often, is very beneficial. Furthermore, Freestanding wardrobes are very easy to coordinate with other furniture. Not only can you buy matching freestanding furniture sets, but the pairing of items can be easy to do as there are more variations of designs available.

A freestanding wardrobe can also make for an excellent focal point in your room. Rather than opting for a mellow style that fits in quietly, you can pick a magnificent wardrobe that sets the tone of your bedroom wonderfully.

Starplan bedroom furniture and wardrobes prices

Here at Starplan, we offer wardrobes in all different shapes, sizes and prices. So why not visit our showroom to get the ball rolling with your new bedroom furniture. Our expert bedroom fitters and bedroom designers will be on hand and ready to answer any burning questions you might have!

Alternatively, if you’re wondering about our Starplan wardrobes prices you can get in touch online today.