4 tips when it comes to designing kids fitted bedrooms

fitted bedroom cannock

Kids have some of the wildest imaginations going and they want that to be included in their bedroom. So why not let them work with you to create a fitted bedroom that they will enjoy spending time in and more importantly sleeping in?

  • Colour schemes 

Let them be involved and choose the colour scheme, with caution of course. Maybe pick out a few samples and let them choose their favourite one. That way you can make sure it’s still a suitable colour by they get their input.

  • Layout 

It’s easy to set out a fitted bedroom Cannock for you. But remember this bedroom is for your little one, so make sure you adjust the layout in accordance to them and their height and reach. That way they will be able to help tidy and put things away as it is within their reach.

  • Make it interactive

Like we mentioned before, kids have an amazing imagination and they love to stay active! So why not make their bedroom a part of playtime as well? Of course it will be filled with too many teddies and toys to mention, but why not mix it up and paint a feature wall with chalkboard paint so they can get creative?

  • Don’t forget about the ceiling

Those little touches can really finish a room off and that includes the ceiling! Something as simple as some glow in the dark stars or painting some glow in the dark designs really make the world of difference when it comes to bed time!

Fitted bedroom Cannock

If you need any help or information when it comes to designing your child’s fitted bedroom, or even your own, why not get in touch with one of our team today? They have years of experience and will work with you to create something that will tick all of your boxes.