3 touches to create a luxury fitted kitchen

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If you’ve got a healthy budget when it comes to your fitted kitchen improvement job, then you may be looking to create something that is out of the ordinary. You might be looking to create a¬† room that has a real touch of luxury. Luxury means different things to different people. But we’re talking about the kind of kitchens that you may have seen in magazines and on tv shows. But now it’s time to bring that luxury into your own home. Here at Starplan Fitted Kitchen Showrooms, we want to talk you through some design choice that you can make that will really class up your fitted kitchen.

Luxurious Fitted Kitchen Ideas

Choosing to get a bespoke, made to measure kitchen is the first start to creating something that’s special to you. It means you’re able to really put a lot of input into making it a room that fulfills all of your needs. Whether that’s somewhere to entertain friends and family, or somewhere to show off those culinary skills.

Picking out the right materials and finishes is also incredibly important when it comes to adding some luxury into your home. Those materials include marble, granite, quartz and real wood. As nice as these materials look when installed, many of them high maintenance tasks to keep them that good all the time.

So you’ve chosen your materials, now its time to choose the appliances. Smart appliances are really the trend right now. There is sure to be an appliance out there that can do what you want. That could be a self cleaning oven or built in coffee machine. Or you could even go more out and get a smart fridge that connects to your Google Home or Alexa. There is something out there for everyone. And having appliances fully integrated in your kitchen rather than freestanding can real tie your luxury kitchen together.