Organising your fitted kitchen cabinets like a pro

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Do you have that one cabinet in your kitchen where you throw your plastic containers into and slam it shut before anything else falls out? Or maybe you struggle to find a matching pan and lid and you end up giving up after looking for what feels like forever? Well struggle no more! Here are our helpful fitted kitchen cabinet organisation tips!

Fitted kitchen organisation tips

If you’ve got a range of sizes when to comes to tupperware or plastic containers, instead of just throwing them into the cupboard, order them in size and stack them inside of each other along with the lids. That way, when you need to get one out, you know exactly where in the pile it is and you know you do’t have to go search for a matching lid.

Open shelves and glass/hard wearing containers are a god send when it comes to sorting out your dry foods. Packaging can take up a huge amount of space in the cupboard so get rid of them completely and pour your dry goods into some nice containers instead.

A lazy Susan is a brilliant way to showcase your spices. It means the jars aren’t taking up a huge amount space and it’s easily accessible. It’s something that can be stored away in a cupboard creating space for other items.

And our final helpful tip is an easy one. Make use of sticky hooks! Stick some hooks on the inner side of the cabinet doors and you can hang lids from them, any large serving cutlery, even pans or tea towels. And that means you’ve got more free space in the cabinets.

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If you’re really struggling with storage space in your kitchen, then it might be time for a complete overhaul! Get in touch with one of our design experts today to see how we could help you!