Spring/ Summer Fitted Bedroom Update

Cashmere And Stone Sliding Door Wardrobe

As the days are getting longer and brighter, and you might be feeling like it’s time to blow the winter cobwebs away. An easy way to bring some freshness into your home is with some subtle home interior design changes for you Spring/ Summer Fitted Bedroom Update.

Here at Starplan Fitted Bedrooms, we have been in the bedroom and home furniture industry for decades now. And we’ve picked up a few tips and tricks when it comes to dressing up your fitted bedroom.

Fitted Bedroom Makeovers

Add some colour into the room with some accessories. Pastels say spring without being too over baring. This could be as simple as some new pillow covers, new bedding or even some new graphics and images to hang up on your walls.

Another way to bring colour into a room is with plants. You can choose real or fake depending on how much responsibility you want. Real plants may bring a little bit more mess than fake ones, however you do get the benefit of the room constantly smelling fresh with a real plant. Another bonus that comes with real plants is cleaner air in the room.


Spring/ Summer Fitted Bedroom Update

Changing the lighting can bring a new feel to a room as well. That could be something as simple as adding in some mood lighting through the use of fairy lights or trailing lights. You don’t need to be using the main light when it’s still bright in the evenings, so getting a lamp might be a good idea as well.

If you have a little bit more money to spend on your room refresh, then why not look for a brand new headboard? A fabric headboard brings in a touch of softness to the room and you can be as wild and as wacky with the colours and fabric.

Starplan Fitted Bedroom Showrooms

If you’re looking for a complete bedroom overhaul, then why not come and visit your local Starplan showroom? Each of our stores are full of both modern and traditional bedroom designs. If you’re unable to visit one of our showrooms, why not book in for a free, no obligation home design visit instead?