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fitted bedrooms

If are looking for a whole new fitted bedroom that can transform the way you live for the better, come and visit us at Starplan!

Fitted bedrooms

Our bedrooms make this  possible by smart storage solutions that are crafted to fit directly into your room. Therefore, you don’t end up with any wasted space or left over space which freestanding wardrobes and furniture can leave you with. This is especially true if you have an awkward shaped room.

Furthermore, fitted bedrooms are special because they give a room a very modern aesthetic. With a new bed, colour of room and storage and will not only make your life easier, but also makes a nice change!

In addition, there are various choices you have when picking your fitted bedroom, ranging in price and size of renovation. If you want a luxury bedroom with a walk-in wardrobe for instance; then Starplan can do it as we have experience in building all types of fitted bedrooms. Then, if you have a simpler bedroom that is an odd shape we can still help. We can do this by installing wardrobes into the unused space that creates the needed extra floor space.

Why Starplan is the best choice for your fitted bedroom service

Your wardrobe needs to be functional, so our team will go through all of the internal storage options you have ensuring you choose the best one for you. There are endless choices you have when planning the bedroom, from internal drawers with organisers to shoe pull outs etc…

Additionally, you can add small luxuries to any bedroom such as electric blinds or new lighting. Also, there is an array of designs you can choose from that will make the room feel brand new. At Starplan we have lots of previous designs and more that we have made so that our customers can get and idea of what they would like the best!

Overall, Starplan fitted bedrooms have a huge store for you to visit at Middlebrook retail park or you can contact us today!