What to consider when buying new kitchen appliances


What appliances should I buy for my kitchen? The first question every new homeowner asks is about their brand new kitchen.

When shopping around for your kitchen, it’s easy to get caught up on all the big appliances. But no Kitchen should be without the small, handy appliances, the convenient appliances which keep your kitchen running smoothly.

Starplan is your kitchen specialist, from drastic overhauls, leaving you with a newly fitted kitchen, to individual kitchen appliances. We are here to inform you of all you need to know and suggest appliances you will need.

What to consider when buying new appliances

There is plenty to take in when it comes to looking around for. So Starplan has lined up 7 things you need to take into account.

Understand What You Do and Do Not Need

Very basic indeed, but buying a new kitchen is exciting thus it’s easy to splash the cash. However, this can greatly hurt your budget. Starting as simple as making a list of each appliance needed and a price range will set you up perfectly.

Research your Top Brands

Brandings are more than a status symbol. Taking some time to research brands and their success with different products may save you a lot of money. The big brands aren’t always the most reliable; even just reading the reviews may tell you that.

Research Appliance Features

The most important and obvious factor to take into account is to research specific appliance features. Buying a new appliance, especially an expensive one, you will need to exactly what it does and any perks.

Set Your Budget

Always set yourself a strict budget, no matter how much you are willing to spend on your kitchen. This will give your kitchen direction from the off, a focus that may determine the appearance and specific appliances.

Plan Your Purchase to Fit Your Home’s Design

Starplan knows the fun of investing in a unique, personalised design. However, if it doesn’t fit with the rest of your home’s interior then you may have just wasted your money. From appearance to size limitations, take measurements or a second to consider how you want your kitchen to look.

Check Your Measurements

As aforementioned, size can be a huge limitation. Checking your measurements should be done in the early stages of planning so you can define your research. Plenty of people browse first, measure later, and by doing this vice versa, you won’t be getting your hopes up.

Find a Contractor Who Specialises in New Kitchen Appliances

Finding the right business to help you plan, design, and install your kitchen and appliances can make it so much easier. Starplan has been 50 years in the planning of brand new kitchens and appliances so pop into one of our many showrooms around the UK.

Or, you can browse the kitchens page online!