FAQs About Sliding Wardrobes

FAQ Sliding Wardrobes

Can I design my own sliding wardrobe doors?

Yes there are many choices from panel designs, colours and we can even offer a personalized range of doors with your own images. Try our interactive sliding door wardrobe visualiser here.

What is the minimum size for a sliding door wardrobe?

600mm is recommended as the smallest sized door without affecting the sliding operation of the door.

What finance options are available with your sliding door wardrobes?

Click here to view our available finance options.

Do I have to clear my room if it is just one wall?

Yes our bedrooms are delivered non-assembled and our fitting teams need to work safely and we don’t want to accidentally damage anything that may be left in your bedroom. Treat it as if you were getting a new carpet fitted.

Are your sliding door wardrobes made to measure?

Yes, we will make a visit to your home and put the measurements into the CAD system we use, design it in your home and make the sliding door wardrobe to your size.

What internals are available in your sliding door wardrobes?

In our deluxe range we have all interior options available. Our standard free standing range also offers tie, belt racks and interior lights as optional extras.

What height are starplan’s sliding door wardrobes?

We offer a standard height sliding door wardrobe of 2250mm and we also manufacture a deluxe sliding door wardrobe that is designed for the taller than average ceilings (2400mm/8ft plus).

Do your sliding door wardrobes go up to ceiling?

The standard height is 2250mm however we can fill the small gap above your sliding door wardrobe with a colour matching ceiling filler or a panel you can decorate to complete the look of your new sliding door wardrobe.

What depth are your sliding door wardrobes?

The standard depth of the our sliding door wardrobe side gables are 700mm, this can certainly be altered to accommodate individual specifications, however we don’t recommend less than 600mm as this can interfere with clothes hanging.

Can your sliding door wardrobes cover a chimney breast?

Yes, we can certainly manufacture the carcases to incorporate a chimney breast and conceal it.

Can your sliding door wardrobes go round a corner?

Yes, we can also design and manufacture around a corner with our sliding door wardrobes to maximise your storage options.

Do I have to pay for design & installation of my sliding door wardrobe?

Design and full installation by our starplan fitting teams is included.

Can your sliding door wardrobes be filled at the sides next to the wall?

Yes we can add side fillers if require for aesthetics.

I have sloped ceilings in my room, can I get a sliding door wardrobe?

This is not currently available for a side slope, however we can slope the carcass from front to back. A new sliding door wardrobe system is currently being developed and will be available shortly that can be sloped in both directions.

Do you come out to measure if I am looking sliding door wardrobes?

Our sliding door wardrobes are currently free standing and we use the customers dimensions,however if there are any complicated designs a sales person can visit your home if required.

Do sliding door wardrobes come with a range of colour options?

We have a wide range of wood finishes & painted safety backed glass & mirrors which you can choose. We also have a range of finishes for the trims around the sliding door wardrobes. Try our online sliding door wardrobe colour visualiser here.

Do you do matching bedroom accessories like chests, bedside lockers etc?

Yes, chests etc are available in various sizes to match your sliding door wardrobe.

How long does it take to have a sliding door wardrobe installed?

Depending on the size and complexity anything from 2 hours to 6 hours approx.

Are your sliding door wardrobes guaranteed?

Yes, all sliding door wardrobes are guaranteed up to ten years. Click here to view guarantees.

Do you do supply only with your sliding door wardrobes?

Yes we can supply only, however this may affect your guarantees/warranty if it is not installed correctly.

Do you do sliding doors only?

Yes, however this may affect your guarantees/warranty if it is not installed correctly.

Do you cover boilers with your sliding door wardrobes?

Yes we can cover boilers subject to legislation.

Does the price include the interior of the sliding door wardrobes?

Yes our sliding door wardrobes are constructed using a full carcass system. Internal drawers, lights etc. are optional extras depending on the range you choose.

Can we make sliding door wardrobes at any height?

At the moment we have two options a standard range which has a set height and a deluxe version than can be altered.

Can I have internal draws inside my sliding door wardrobe?

Yes internal drawers are options on all our ranges.